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Did she cheat?

I caught my girlfriend talking to a guy she met in a dating app. She joined the app coz she wasn’t sure of the direction of our relationship. You see, I’m married and I’ve got a child. But we are getting a divorce. And my girlfriend knows that. She used to ask me before of what’s going to happen to our relationship and I couldn’t give her a definite answer, other than whatever happens I don’t want to lose my child. That’s the reason why she tried the dating app. But then I told her about the divorce at the time she’s been talking to this guy for 3 months. I only found out last night when she deleted their conversations in her phone. She denied deleting any conversation but eventually she told me

about the guy and their conversations and asked the guy to send her screenshots of

their deleted conversations. Nothing special, nothing sweet. Except the guy is willing to travel miles to visit my girlfriend. And my girlfriend sounded like she’s willing to meet the guy although she kept saying it’s just her being nice. No phone calls, no video calls either. She was so unsure of the direction of our relationship, like any moment I might give her up for my family. That’s why she got into the dating site and started talking to this guy. When I told her about the divorce, that’s when we planned our future together. Yet she continued talking to the guy from the dating site. I mean before the news of the divorce, they talked via chat non stop behind my back. But then after the news, they started to tone it down. I can see from the length of the conversations. But she would still talk to the guy once in a while, when the guy messages her. They stopped 3 weeks ago. Yet she didn’t tell him she’s in a relationship. She said it’s because they’re really not talking about such thing. They only talked about random stuffs, I saw that too. And I only found out about all this last night. I asked her would

this have continued had I not caught you? She said no. She would definitely tell him once the guy starts courting her. The thing is, that’s her reason. And it’s hard to believe it. I’ve been thinking she’s been holding on to this guy coz she’s afraid she’ll be left alone if I leave her, even after telling her about the divorce. She said after the news of the divorce, she had no more intentions about this guy, like

you know as future partner should I leave her. She’s just being friendly, she said which is hard to believe coz she hid it from

me for 4 months. And she only told him about me when I caught her. She said it would have not continued but a major Part Of me doesn’t believe her. Did she cheat on me with this guy? Should i give

our relationship one last try? PleaSe help.

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Re: Did she cheat?

She did cheat (just think why she would be talking with him in the first place and then erase the conversation) you but she probably have some feelings for you or she don't wanna raise her kid on her own

You say to be sincere because if you found out the truth later is gonna be worst for both of you.