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Did you eat my pizza?

a sister was terrible. I took her & her kids in. Bought all the food; clothes, toys. I then bought them a small home. Cars. Food. Everything. In high school they lived with me.

Well one day I was at one of my nieces. They loved pizza. I used to buy them two large pizzas every 3-4 days.

I’m nearly homeless. I was so hungry being recently divorced. Was some old pizza leftover. Asked if I could have a slice. No. They were going to eat it. So I ate my crackers. I later saw the pizza in the trash.

In life no matter how much you care; sacrifice; & give, those you help will often mistreat you in return.

That’s why so many of you consider suicide. Your such a kind soul that this world crushes you.

I had to learn to accept the world as it is. Realize I’m kinder. Had to toughen up a little in order to be a good dad.

I’m heading towards death it seems. All those many people I helped in life are no where to be seen. Doesn’t surprise me a bit.

So I just eat my crackers; lay on my cot, & be thankful I’m not homeless yet. I’ve been homeless.

Therapists ask how I remain happy. My childhood was a horror show. Well. I know Heaven is real. I had a lot of good yrs as an adult cause I learned to enjoy life. Here near the end it’s pretty hard. I’m all alone in the world again. No one cares if I die. My kids are kids. They don’t understand. But their great kids. They are just trying to deal with the divorce their mom created.

She’s very sad. Thought the divorce would fix it all. Realized she was really the problem. I pray she gets better.

Really. Her mom is the problem. But she refuses to see that. Her sisters do. They stay away. But she let her moms meanness cause all this grief.

Oh well. I’m still going to Heaven.