Didnt know i was being assaulted

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So when i was 4-5 i use to have this dude neighbor, i am a dude.

So basically, what happen was when we went over his house with my sister, he would call me in a back room and anal me

i didnt even know what he was doing at the time because i was young and dumb

i got kinda use to it, although it happened not too often

I THOUGHT IT was someting normal so when i move and was 6 or so this dude ask to suck his penis so i went along and he did mine

it wasnt until a few years later 8- or so i realize that those stuff werent right

I felt used, abused and disgust

Been hating myself ever since

i am not gay i have a strong love for women, i am straight

But it still haunts me to this day

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