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I don't know what i am doing with my life. I don't even know what i am feeling right now. but it seems there is something, something that just wants to get out of me. there is so much anger, sadness, helplessness. one moment i feel okay, it feels like maybe i can get through this world but it just seems there is so much hate in this world that it is slowly sucking my peace of mind. this world in so stereo- typical. everyone wants you to be a certain way. some want you to be sweet, some wants you to be open- minded. this world goes and works online. everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants to be slim and beautiful. bringing people down by being rude[ some people think they are being sarcastic when they are actually just being plain rude] people have forgotten the difference between sarcasm and rudeness. they just don't know how to use and in the end they end up hurting people.

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Always remember, Someone treating you badly is a reflection of their bad character. Not yours.

And yes people seek many things that they think will bring them joy, but they forget that simple things such as showing kindness can bring joy. Its the selfless acts, the things that cant be bought, and building eachother up instead of breaking eachother down. Its who you are, not what you are thats important. being at peace with yourself brings joy from within.