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Dirty Little Secret

I just have to tell someone.. my brother in law (who is also my ex) is honestly EVERYTHING to me now.

We dated a few years back and it didn't work out then. Today I am married to his brother...HIS TWIN.. and have been for a few months.

I ended up dying my brother in laws hair today and so much more happened.. we found out we both have so much feelings for each other. And I really do love him so much.

My husband and I have been having a rocky point in our marriage and he always seems to be in a crap mood and it always brings me down.

Well while dying my brother in laws hair he had me smiling, blushing, feeling good about myself, everything. It got to the point where we actually did EVERYTHING. We had sex. It was honestly the most amazing feeling I've had in a while. I didn't want it to stop.

I do feel bad about it because I do love my husband. But I just feel like he's going to just up and leave me like he's done twice already.. and I don't feel happy anymore because his moods bring me down so much.

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Re: Dirty Little Secret

What you’re doing is wrong. You can’t continue to ruin your marriage and potentially their singling relationship. This is devastating for your husband. You must stop and come clean. You can’t justify cheating on your husband WITH HIS TWIN on his crappy mood. If you’re unhappy then you have to seek happiness without ruining someone else’s. This is so

so wrong.