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I really am worried about myself.Everytime I meet a guy and think to myself maybe he is the one.But it feels like I never get any romantic attraction towards anyone.If I get to know a guy I only get best friends vibes.Its so depressing cause I seriously want to love someone.I feel like an awful person cause I also never know how to tell someone am not interested in them romantically.I always end up avoiding someone so that I don't have to disappoint them.At times I feel like am being punished.

So there is this amazing guy I've been talking to.We have never met but we will soon.I get best friends vibe from him and I think he is interested in me.I really don't know what to do.I don't want to ghost him or avoid him as I've always done in the past.But I can't tell him am not interested like that.It breaks my heart disappointing anyone.

I just don't get why I can't fall in love.Maybe I have a problem,or am being punished.Having to see people my age in love and in relationships while am just alone and sad.

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