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Disappointed in my parent and in myself as well for being a pushover. 😢

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Today my dad called, that he needs my help with some concrete. I didn't hear him clearly, so I thought that it's urgent, since I heard that ,, It's falling down! ". I told him, that I'm not feeling well, so I can't be there for long, so that I don't infect him or anything. He said,, OK, come then.", so I went. While feeling sleepy from pills, I got to my fathers house. I went inside and asked,,, so, what's happening here?" and he replied:,, Can you please help me wipe this cement off the floor? "... I was kind of confused... He asked a sick person to wipe his floor?!... But because my dad is halfdeaf and my signal at my home is terrible, then I thought, that he just didn't hear me saying, that I'm not feeling well. So since I was already there, then I shrugged my shoulders and helped him... I feel that my kindness will kill me one day... But then, in the middle of our cleaning, my dad asked me:,, Why are you unwell? "... I was shocked. So he heard me saying, that I'm unwell, but still asked me to wipe the concrete?!... I was feeling disappointed... But... I just love my parents, so I cleaned the floor and even the stairs, while still feeling unwell and sleepy from the pills... And then my dad thanked me for help and then said:,, After an hour my girlfriend is coming and I don't want her to be angry, when she sees the mess, so you saved me. "... At that moment I felt like something broke within me... I didn't say anything, said goodbye and went home, where I live with my mom. When I got home, I was drenched from rain, feeling even more unwell and almost collapsing in front of my mom. She asked:,, what did he want, so urgently, that he wanted his sick childs help? " and I answered with:,, He wanted me to wipe his floor from concrete, so that his girlfriend wouldn't be mad." Then I started crying, that my father is, again, showing his priorities. And I'm still disappointed and crying, while writing this.

Thanks for reading this and don't be such a pushover like I am or you are going to regret it like I do.😢