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i am disappointed with my dad.

3 months after mom passed away, he started looking for other women.

i wish he had taken the time to grieve with his children, to comfort his children. his late wife was the pillar for all his children.

he took his girlfriend on an exotic (spiritual) trip to jerusalem. he took her to the UK.

he claimed that he would never buy expensive things for her. but now he is building a luxurious home for her while being calculative with his children.

i miss my mom. i miss her so very much.

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Re: Disappointment.

Let your Dad do what he needs to do. It’s nothing against you or anyone else. He took your Mom’s death just as hard if not harder than you guys. He may be spending the money on his new girlfriend because he is desperate to give acts of love after losing his wife. If you try to tear his away from what he feels he needs to do in order to heal than you will make things unfairly difficult for him.