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so, i just met someone on internet, we talked each other late at night and we became friends until I fell in love with him but i don't know if he feels the same way, but my biggest disappointment is i use others pictures of some pretty girls because im not that attractive tho. he even shares some moments with her crush and i share somes story with my crush too but i haven't getting crush at all since i was born, swear! till then im ready to admit that all of the pictures i send to him is not me! but i didn't send him my real picture but i send him a photo that my eyes only and then... im so disappointed that i want to delete my account because i fell for him and i think that what if i confess but on his mind was the pretty girl that i always send to him that is not me! right now i found his real account and her crush account too his crush are gorgeous that i will definitely inlove with her 😂 just sharing this, but when once im successful i will find him i know where he lives too 😁