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These days the 'reality' of my life is becoming pretty much hard to the point that it's tossing me ups and down all time. Being 21 years old girl, I have developed a sense of responsibility, maturity, and a mentality set towards my goal. But my parents are not even trying to understand my perspective. They are still trying to mold my life the way they want. They are still not okay to hear a ‘NO’ from me. They think that I can’t have any problem or tension. I can’t have any resonance of my own The competition I face every day, the insecurity I feel takes the heck out of me. If I am sleeping more that doesn’t mean I am sleeping sound. I am sleeping to hide from reality, hide from my problem. But if I talk about this, they think I am just overreacting. They don’t take it seriously. So there is forming a huge conflict between them and me. I am becoming a disappointment to them and more to myself. I am even losing all my interest in the things I once loved. It has just become to pass my days by somehow.