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Hey, I'm quite young. I still depend on my parents for most things.

Recently I admitted something on here that I've not admitted openly anywhere else (unless it's online friends.) Which was that I'd pretended to be someone I wasn't online (all done and dusted, I've apologised, we've moved on. They've forgotten and I'm forgiven.)

However, I get freaked out even now, months down the line that my parents will somehow find out about this. My mum is going through a lot of stress right now and I'd hate for her to be disappointed in me. Because I'm trying my best to keep my behaviour nice for her as her stress is already through the roof. My guilt just makes me think that she's going to find out (Even though it was over months and months ago)

Her behaviour as a kid was less than stellar, she'd smoke, drink, play on train tracks and even tried to meet up with a stranger online. But I still fear disappointment. It's my biggest fear- like- ever. Because my mum means so much to me, I'd hate for her to find out about this. I'm trying to move on, because I know it's all done and dusted, but my guilt is holding me back. Because I know my mum will punish me greatly without stopping to think about the fact that I am just young, and mistakes can be made. Like I said, her childhood behaviour was less than stellar.

Any tips on how I can move on?