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discord online problem (pls read)

just lost all of my online friends that i have made throughout quarantine. if ur wondering how i lost them, one person spread lies about me to all of my friends (online) on discord. this may sound very dumb but i grown up very paranoid about small things and i constantly overthink a lot. now, i am scared they might spread rumours about me or maybe even dox me or maybe find my social media accounts. they know a lot about me because i used to trust them. I described what i looked like and what country i am from. but once i made a mistake by sending a picture of me in sunglasses (now i don't want them to know what i look like) and im now questioning myself "what if they screenshotted that picture of me in sunglasses?" i do not want a picture of me going around on discord and i definitely do not want a picture of me in their camera roll. please respond to this if u can, i am very scared :(