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Discord's a shit place at times.

Two stories.

First, I was a mod on a server where one owner had retired and another had taken his place. This new owner, let's call them.. Len. The server already had RoleyPoly, a role-giving bot that is used via a website, fully set up. Len decided to basically say "fuck that" and add a reaction role bot and do things the shitty route. Naturally, being the one who helped with the RoleyPoly setup alongside another mod, I was pissed. All the other mods left the server, leaving me as the last mod on the team. I left.

Second, I was an admin on this server where the owner basically wanted us to bottle up our emotions. No talking about being angry. No talking about being sad. No other emotions. You are only allowed to be happy. Because.. Fuck emotion, right? Let's wear a mask and put on a goddamn puppet show, why don't we?! JUST FUCKING WONDERFUL!

So yeah. Not the best night.