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divorced parents and affection

I never grew up with my parents showing any affection. They basically hated each other. slept on separate floors, separate rooms, always fought and eventually got divorced when i was 11. During these times and after leading up to middle school I always felt uncomfortable seeing people’s parents showing affection. Now my second year in high school it feels like a void that i won’t be able to fill. My friend a few weeks ago told me she could never see me with anyone or showing affection. Little did she know I cried after leaving her house two weeks earlier after watching her parents seem truly happy. i wondered what it felt like to be constantly surrounded by that love and wished my family could have been like that-

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Re: divorced parents and affection

I raised our kids. I gave the hugs. My wife can’t show affection. She got the kids when she divorced me.

No one is doing well.

Im sorry you feel that way. Love will find you. Marriage just doesn’t last in America. Women want unrealistic things today.

We had a great love for 35 yrs. then suddenly it wasn’t enough. But the 35 yrs was wonderful. She has bipolar & just emotionally.

Your only 16. You have so much life to live. You will experience so much