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Do I have a disorder or multiple?

Ok, so for a while now I've been wondering "What do I think is beautiful?" With all these beauty standards what should I think. So then I thought when do I fell most confidant, and that is when I feel light, skinny, strong and in my best element. But I also want to eat everything around me until I'm stuffed but then I feel sad for some reason. Has anyone else felt this way before? I also feel most confidant when I do eel smart and when I'm helping people but that doesn't have the opportunity to happen as often. So you see I have a bit of an issue. Can you help in any way?

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Re: Do I have a disorder or multiple?

i feel this way. im very concious of my body bc ppl especially my mom and dad's friends comment on my beauty weight height and personality, and it sucks bc when u think abt it we all used to be carefree kids under the age of 10 and didnt care how we looked and how much we weighed. it sucks that now we realize everyhting society expects us to be. if u are happy with ur body and want to eat something then eat it bc life it short live it. if ur not happy with ur body then change for only yourself no one else. if ur happy dont care what others think eat a whole frickin cake for all you care. live ur bestlife. obviously ur healthy and thats wha matters not looking like a goddess bc ppl will look and then walk away.