Do i speak to her or not?

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A once friend (at work) thinks i was watching her, she now hates me, shuns me, but we work together, because i once said i liked her, i realised fast i was better just as friends, i said as much, all was fine until she thought i was watching her, now the tension is always there, and she never sits near me, never talks to me, does everything to avoid me. If i brought it up, i can prove i was not watching her, it is eating me up being thought of as a creep/monster should i or should i not talk to her, if she would give me time to explain i can prove she was wrong, but do i risk it, if she felt i was pressuring her to interact, i could make it worse, i just want to clear my name, it makes me feel sick anyone could imagine id do that when id be first to be in harms way for anyone else not do such an awful thing as watch someone like a stalker

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