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Do i still care about him?!

It all started on Instagram when my my friend's boyfriend's friend sent me request and I thought I would be fun so accepted his request and we started chatting. We used to chat everyday like we were in relationship but were not I don't know what was it. Then after 1 month I told him that I had crush on him, but he didn't cared because he had crush on another girl who was very pretty. I was depressed but as I had desperation to talk to I messaged him daily. And then all became normal. Around January it was more of gf bf kind of relationship but was not. I wanted to ask him but never asked it. We came so close that I changed my schedule according to his . There was a different environment at that time but I wasted all my precious time on him . This shit continued for 1 year and after that I was used to get frustrated after talking to him and my friends we're also worried about me as he use to effect my mental health but now this year I stopped talking to him and told him to not to contact me and he didn't did. My life was better now as I started to forgot him one day, I saw him in stadium and I was fucked up as all that thoughts started appearing again my mind stopped working. And that day i thought that had I done something wrong by telling him to not talk to me . And this thought still bother me. Please can anyone help.