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Do people really care??

Does anyone have a "friend" that treats you like crap? And forces you to do stuff. So if you say no they take that as "attitude" and "being rude". Forces you to call them all the time when clearly there are many signs showing you do not want to. Also if you don't text them back right away because you have other things to do? And they take you not wanting to call as, you are "racist" and "white privileged", only because you actually care about grades and don't depend on others for everything in life. Have they also told you, "I want you to fail a class so I could be better at something than you." Well if you haven't that's great because it really hurts and it so hard to say something back because you know they will publicly "expose" you! I mean yeah they could be nice sometimes... but that's very often, only when they get their way. I guess some people don't know what boundaries are either. Because clearly when I told this "friend" a secret they decide to tell someone else about it. And that causes more problems in your family. And oh I forgot! Apparently... If your phone isn't filled with pictures of them like you are in a romantic relationship that is "fake". But anyways what do I know.... it becomes very hard and stressful to put on a persona to make others happy.... but in reality deep down I'm trying my best to keep myself together so I don't fall apart. I will be posting on here once in a while so if you would like to see more of me I will be signing stuff as, "FRDC"



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Re: Do people really care??

Test another post where you barely know what your be talking about.................



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...................... I'll be responding as STFUFRDC

Hey I just followed your post so I don’t miss out on any update on it.

i have been through the same experience, friends like these have gone through some experience that they feel underprivileged for some more things in life, and start calling out to others which is so unfair, and i wont call them real friends if they are so much interested and nosy in how you behave or something, true friends just give you the space even if you dont talk them for weeks, they do not change.

i really feel sad these days to see what people have become into social climbers and gossip mongers, my advice maintain a healthy distance and don't get emotionally attached to such people