Do you agree with my friends ?

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My friends say they think i am bipolar (im 16 btw) and have ADHD and whan I ask them why they think this they say that I get depressed for months or weeks and refuse to eat or do anything then out of no where you are the compleat opoiset that im really happy for months on end or weeks and that I do stupid thing becuse I apparently belive nothing can hurt me so I do dumb stuff and get my self hurt and they say when I'm like this I try buy things that I realy don't need or try to offer to buy pepouls shopping when we are in shops to the point they take my cash card from me so I cant do this or I go months or weeks of not knowing how I acctitly feel and they say when I go thgue theses stages it can be months before im happy or sad, or it can happen in a week or a day that I go thgue all 3 of these examples

And they think i have ADHD becuse I lose focus all the time im allways having to do something but I allways forget to do things im suppose to do im allways fidgeting I know there not professionals and I should get a proper doctors opinion but I dont think I have any of theses issues but I could just be telling my self its not that bad becuses I know I do this but I think my frends are exadjrating it a littel bit but I want to hear some of your opinions of this brief description and if alot of you agree I am going to see a doctor

I dont think I have ADHD becuse I was told from a young age if one sibling has another one cant have it and its impossible for 2 sibling to have it

Sorry if this has confused anyone