Do you know how to cross an ocean?

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It's really fucking hard, not on the body, on the mental.

You got there alone, not knowing if think of everything, no relying ways of getting the weather, nobody will rescue you, and will take MONTHS...

Trick? Don't focus on all the steps to reach that enormous goal. You know you are going toward that direction, so everyday, focus on what you CAN do. You can do a little bit of preparing what's ahead, but that's like 5 to 10% of the real time thinking. Try to live more in the NOW

Put your head, energy and thoughts in the NOW for actions you can do NOW, to achieve that larger goal.

We all know the large goal we are trying to go, now that we know the direction. Just relax, and work on what you can.

It's not a 2 year trip, it's a 50+year trip... One thing there isn't lacking, it's time...