Does he like, me? *Again*

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Hey there, there's this guy, 2 yrs older than me, and well he has left the school we both attended, this part gets complicated;

So someone helped me realize that before he left the school, he was extremely shy of me, and we were on a group call a few days ago, and I realized he was still shy.

Now, we made these friend quizzes, in his quiz, one of the questions were "Who would he want to spend quality time with?" And my name was a part of the list, and I pressed my name, it was the correct answer, my friend thinks he likes me, but I don't know.

I know these aren't very great points but does it show something? And he's been acting a bit weird, I want to ask him weather he likes me but, I don't see the use. What do you people think? I need help please