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Does he really like me

There's this guy I met in my first year at school, he actually liked me and I do as well but he wasn't making any move to date me so I accepted my crush which was his friend then so when the first guy I met in school discovered he was mad at me that we stopped talking .

But the real fact is that the moment I discovered he really liked more than I ever thought of I started developing this likeness feelings for him even though I kept it as a secret and most of the times when he flirt with girls in my presence I'd suddenly become jealous later on I broke up with mine current boyfriend then and so as not to be depressed by what happened and not to let the first guy think I'll come back to him I decided to date someone else in that process I ended the grudge between the first guy and I and we became friends again but when he discovered that I've started dating another person he accepted his fate

During my birthday the first guy sent me a gift which I never expected coming later on just of recent he said I should visit him in hostel which I did and while he was dressing up I tried leaving but he said I shouldn't and he's not gonna harm me cause he know I'm a virgin but he asked me to play with his dick which I did in other to satisfy is urge and nothing more.

My question is does the guy really likes me or not