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Does intention matter?

When i was 19 i got married. I longed for a family and they provided it. In a way i used them but not for the wrong reasons... just filling a void i realize now. When it was clear we we just toxic for each other and there was clearly no hope, i abruptly left. I believe, 14 years later, that i did it for everyone. I don’t think i could have heard their voices and suggestions and hope and still stood strong in my decision. So i just left. Literally never talked to them again. This family i loved so much... something i had never had. Just gone. Do you think that owe them an explanation? I know that they knew somehow that we were wrong for each other, but what higher me is that i never told them they mattered. I just left and never looked back. I would feel so used and just heartbroken that someone could walk away and make it look easy... and i did, make it look easy. I never faltered . I’d like to think the know why on some level, but would it mean something to y’all to hear that.. all these years later? Just curious, bc it would matter to me. I would have needed answers.

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Re: Does intention matter?

I think if it was me it would give me some sort of closure, especially if I was a kid.

It's your choice ultimately, do you want to reach out to rebuild some sort of connection or do you really just want to give an explanation? Either way I say do it. Maybe not face to face, maybe it would be easier though a message. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, just do it. Otherwise it will be a burden that you'll have to carry forever. Finish your unfinished business and get rid of your regrets

Damn, the real question is how were you able to just abruptly walk away. Cold heart. When you have kids would you want your son to walk out on a relationship like that or have some boy walk out on your daughter? And then 14 years later, surprise I need closure.. if your married your wife might not want you reaching out to the ex family.