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Does it hurt?

When you have sex does it hurt? Another question is it normal for my boyfriend to be licking my body (boobs, neck, and vagina)Also my boyfriend loves giving me head is this a sign of him saying he wants to have sex? also his dick is huge and i wanna give him head though its really big and i might choke! can anyone please help me and reply. PLEASE! Help!

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Re: Does it hurt?

  1. for me yes the first time sex hurt
  2. yes normal up until your r comfort level if he is sucking or licking too much tell him to politely stop
  3. if he’s doing it all the time your naked he might just like the taste of you. but otherwise its a sign that he wants his peen to be where his mouth is instead
  4. having a boyfriend with a large dick can be hard you are more tempted to suck on it, rub it, and having it go into your vagina. you might choke but thats normal