does my crush like me...?

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so. this person... who i might like... facetimes me at least twice a week, texts me every day, only-sort-of-jokingly suggests we date, holds my hand, calls me romantic nicknames such as bae, bubsies, and ‘my little omelette’, lays their head in my lap and on my shoulder, told me they convinced themself not to crush on someone because they thought of me and “i was better”, tells me i’m cute and the prettiest girl they’ve ever met, obsesses over me, likes cuddling with me, tells me all of their secrets and listens to all of mine, says that they love me at least 5 times a day, and we hang out once a week or more...

and i want to tell them i like them but i’m not sure if this is just their personality. plus we’re best friends and i’ve never had a best friend before so i don’t know if that’s how best friends act. can anyone help? thank youuuuus

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