Does true love come back? (Plz reply anyone... I'm in very bad state of mind rn?)

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I love him more than anything... I could happily sacrifice everything for him...

But I was not feeling the same attachment from his side which made our relationship toxic... And it ended with breakup 3 months back... Still I kept waiting for his text every single day.. I even begged him to get back together but he was determined to leave... Today, we met after 7 months along with our friends group.. Today is our 3rd anniversary... I expected something positive to happen.. But nothing happened.. On our way back to home I couldn't hold back my tears.. And after I got down of the car realizing that this is the end I broke down... Still I can't stop crying... I want to kill myself as I find no happiness without him.. But can't take such step only becz of my mom...

Sorry for this long post.. But I just want to ask everyone here that does true love comes back? Cz I have only one hope from life that he will return.. Does anyone has similar experience like me whose lover came back?

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