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Doing so much for nothing

I got into a relationship with a guy I absolutely adore. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for him but he isn't one to see my efforts. I do not come from a financially strong background and because of this, I resorted to sugaring in order to pay for our rent and our bills. I'm worried that if he finds out (because it is still cheating) he would leave me with no remorse. I poured virtually everything I have into this relationship but lately we seem to be falling apart. He gets mad at me over the smallest things and ignores me for hours. I feel like it's time to leave but it really sucks because I thought we would've ended up getting married. I guess this is life

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Re: Doing so much for nothing

Is there kids involved? If so consider the child and why do you need to sugar does he not work? With 2 incomes is the only way ppl can survive especially in Toronto or major cities! But you should really consider telling the truth to him also,its not fair to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!