Domestic Terrorists

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Why does the government and the media avoids calling white males terrorist when clearly they terrorize in the instance of mass shootings. Now they are saying this guy had a sex addiction. Wtf? Hell, I love Asian women as well as sex, but I'm not going around killing people or would ever think about doing so. It's an excuse for him and the rest of those crazy white boys. How can they be mentally ill if they can have sense enough to buy a weapon, ammo, and pull the trigger to take a person's life? Michael Vick was demonized for dog fighting / killings. But they try to justify the actions of white by claiming mental illness. The siege on the Capital were nothing but bunch domestic terrorists. White privilege at its finest. Trust me any other race of people would have been slaughtered and not allowed to walk freely off the Capital grounds. There would have been people coming out of the wood works to kill capture or detain. Government agencies you never heard of. Not too mentioned others

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