dont bother reading this, i dont want a reply....just need to get it off my chest

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god i hate everything, recently i got ana thinking it would help me lose weight

turns out i have a binge eating disorder god everything is so hard right now, even worse i hate my personality so im trying to change it so im distant from everyone...tbh i would like to steal the personality of ushijima, saiki etc they seem so calm and collected knowing no one talk to them and i hate mine, i turn out annoying, loud, hyper etc if i could only just change it

my mother and sister got into an argument about sh, my sister has and is ruining my life i hate her and even tho i dont want to admit it i wish she would just go already, shes fucked up my life enough BUT THE GUILT KILLS ME SO I CANT i just want her gone wether it be her suicide or pysc ward....just leave me alone...

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