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Don't copy please coz I have copied

I'm extremely shattered

I'm 12th grade student and we have recently written exam. I'm above average student and I have never copied. But this time due to online exams I have shamelessly copied directly. I think teachers could guess that I have copied. I'm flustered about my image. I think I have lost the image in front of my teachers and fellow students

I have become too lazy to study and conveniently copied from net while writing exam and got good score which in unfortunately unsatisfied. I'm not able to sit in class for the fear of being exposed. I'm not able to face anyone, neither myself nor anyone. After this incident I'm studying diligently but I'm not able to sit in class. I understood my mistake and I'm preparing but I'm not able to get over my fear and guilty feeling. I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. I have to pay for my sins. But I cannot stand getting myself defamed. I will try my level best to learn but please don't uncover by faults.