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don't EVER be like this person

so I was scrolling through DA one day until I came across a post, there in the post said to un-fallow someone because they didn't support the BLM. I clicked on it and in the comments someone said that the person had a good reason as to why they didn't support the BLM. you wanna know how the girl (who we'll call graffitibunny) responded? she called them a boot licker. and then she called a 17 YEAR OLD GIRL a "fucking idiot" and threatened to expose them for being a racist. and when the girl begged graffitibunny not to, she responded with "fuck you i'm a trans Mexican artist and I can dow what every I want." I know that sounds crazy but trust me thats what she said. I would show proof, but unlike this cunt i'm not going to expose someone, even tho she loves to expose children for their opinions. (which could always change in the future) the 17 year old even made a post saying that they were thinking about making a new account, getting ready for people to come attack her because of what graffiti might post. so basically if you don't like or agree with graffitibunny she'll call you a racist.

dont ever pull that card, in this day and age people get killed over that shit. if you call someone racist for what you THINK they feel, then kindly go to hell and rethink your life^^