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Don't hate on me, but anime girls are annoying, sure they're cute and i do watch and look at them but goddamn-

Any who that actually hates anime girls? I mean, their voices might be sometimes cute but sometimes i don't find it cute, just like annoying to the fact that i can't even watch a good anime with them in it because i feel second-hand embarrassment from their annoying voices. And their actings, like hunny stop swishing your skirt and stop leaning in what the fawk hxjwjsns just so you know i am not insecure, i'm not just comfortable with them literally looking like they're flirting with anyone and their constant squeaky 'cute' voice just WTFXUSHX

Oh and also, why do they ALLLLLL have to be looking like a mf children and the boy one's too like? Hello? Not all asians look like a goddamn 11 year old, it's even hard to find a japanese that doesn't look middle age and insecure. ( goes for koreans too tho, but mostly i found are basic looking and don't really look like an idol that y'all talking about, and some of them are pretty looking young but not really young? lmao )

Like sir? Who do this animations? Why y'all have to make them children?. But also, some of doesn't really look like one and looks more like matured type looking 19+ year-old, and so please just do them like that. Stop sexualising children please

+ with the voices too, it's really not cute for me. that's also why i'm just watching yaoi and animes without girls in it. they can be cute and pretty sometimes, but the voice overs can go away