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Dont know what to do

I have a bad track record of dating guys who are abusive one way or another. Well I am currently stuck living with my most recent ex who is an all around pos and mentally abusive.

Recently I have started talking to my childhood sweet heart. He has told me he would love to date... he has had the same track record as me. He makes me feel good about myself and never puts me down no matter how ridiculous I am. He always inspires me to be a better person if I am having doubts. He has me so hooked...

So now what the major issue is... I live in one state in the process of getting ready to move to our home state... but he refuses to move back to there because he has had such bad luck living there.. he wants me to move by him but I told him I can't because of my daughter... I can't leave her with her dad.... and he won't allow me to take her. But I really want to be with this man...

I just dont know what to do any more...

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Re: Dont know what to do

If you really think you would be better off with your childhood sweetheart, make up a plan. You know you can’t suddenly leave everything behind and go with him without a plan like a teenager, but you seriously cannot stay with your current ex. Talk to him about making plan. I’m sure you know what to discuss in a big decision like this. Your ex and you should agree on how you should raise your daughter and how you want split time if you even want that at all. If you think your child should not be exposed to him at all and he does not agree, I would take it to court if you have real reasons unaffected by emotion (I think you do) to justify why she shouldn’t be with him at all. Not sure how court goes if you’re tight on money, however. If you have time, I’d like to hear your response about how you think you should handle it. I hope you and your daughter will be safe.

My ex refuses to let he take.her out of state as of now. But I am planning on taking him to court and seeing if the judge will allow me to take her put of state for the school years. As far as the childhood sweet heart goes he dont want to move back to the state we both are from but I have a feeling he will with time.. as of now we are currently just talking not in an actual relationship.. he wants to be once I am moved out.. he said once I move out he will come visit to see how things go... and this way we can talk face to face vs over text.