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Don't know what to do

I feel like crying but I don't know the reason, I always had a normal life, I don't have any problems, no one has bully me but I feel like a pain in my chest like someone is squeezing my heart. I have lots of friends but somehow I feel like I can't trust anyone, I really want top tell this to someone and find help, but I don't want enyone treating me diferent or caring about me.

I just feel like if something happen it's my fault always like I'm not going to do nothing right in my life, like I'm just a disapointment to everyone.

I have fear of insects but everyone think is a joke finally this year my teacher is going to help me with that, but I feel like she is treating me different like if I was sick or something, and I don't like that.

One day my friend foun this and I felt so bad becaus I made her worry about me, that thime I ended up crying so bad that my mother asked me and all I told her was that I was watching a show that made me cry. That's the worst excuse I've never heard about, but I always use it, and she always belive me. I feel so alone in my house, it's always empty, my mothers is always working or with her friends, and I don't like being with my dad, his house i comletly the oposite of my mother's, his house it's always full of people, friends her new girlfiend and her sons. Also my father is a cheater he cheated on my mom and now is cheating on her new girlfriend, he also have 0 confidence on me, I don't like being with him so I stay at my mom's is just that when I am alone (most of the time) I feel like this, sad angry at me, disappointed at me, a hard pain in my hart and it's so hard to live like this.

I play videogames to relax and try to enjoy the day as much as possible, but I'm so bat at games and when I make friends they always tell me that it's my foult that we lose or that why I don go to do somthing else that I'm never going to be good at nothing or that I'm usseles, weel I gues thats when this saddnes came from. I tried to write my feelings but I'm scared that someone will find out wht i'm writing, so instead of a phisical book i found this and now I'm writing this in English when I speak spanish, this text is going to be a completly mess since my english teacher don't think I can make the B2 of english as I already said I am ussless and a disappointment.

-Well I just wanted to tell this to no one thx. If someone is reading this, I guess I'm sorry for shearing my problems with people that can't do anything about it.

While writing this i felt so sad but now that I finished it I feel so relieved, thank lord that this web exist.