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Don't read if you don't want to.

I don't know what I'm gonna write now.

I feel ugly, sad, worthless, ignored, not needed, extra, a mistake. People say god is with you. I don't see him, anywhere. I'm stressed, about every single thing. I'm afraid, of everything. I'm tired, so much that I feel that maybe my limbs wouldn't move anymore. I feel lonely. Because everyone is around me. If I was really lonely, meaning that if really no one was around me, maybe then it would be better. But I am just so tired of being that good girl for everyone in this fucking world except myself. I want to be excepted as I am, as I want to be. I am tired of hiding my pain. I want to show it. But I can't. Because I know, if I do, I will be gifted with more pain. That's why I remain silent.

Not everyone is found in noise.

Some are found in silence........

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Re: Don't read if you don't want to.

Find someone close to you you can really trust and talk to them. Confessions always help with the right person. If someone really cares about you they will listen and be understanding. If you don't have someone like that then give a try in being who you are, others expectations shouldn't be important to you. These are all just suggestions, you don't have to listen to any of it if it's not helpful in which case I'm sorry for wasting your time because you are precious and do matter.

u cant be ugly when u have beautiful soul, i have felt the same way u do, try to change loneliness into ur hobby of searching ur creativity. try to find what is weakness and strength work on it. always remember that only person that cares about you is only you. only u can understand and feel what u are going through. try to love yourself then no one can defeat you.

hope it was helpful, it make not be good suggestion but give it try.

good luck!