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dont read or it'll appear in october 15 in your window

Jack is black and a very tired man. He often goes to the grocery store to buy some eggs. He drives a blue ford and often waves to his neighbors in the morning.

Jack is sad. He is sad because he knows that today he will die. Not because he wants to but because he has to.

That's the way it works. It worked that way for Emily when Emily was sailing across the sea. She was reading a online paper on a cruise bound for the open Caribbean. She later plummeted to her death.

Before Emily it was Carlisle. He was strong and an impressive athlete but then dropped dead at age 23 from a brain aneurism.

I know these things because I am the one that killed him. I am what killed Emily and Jack too. And I am what will kill you too.

Some people call me a spirit, a ghost from the other side. I am none of those things. But what I am can not be described in words that you would understand.

All that matters is that now, you know that i exist. And you will die.

There is a way, that you can try to break this spell. You'll need to tell others. You'll need to scream at the top of your lungs when you are most afraid.

I am beyond death though, waiting for that fear to consume you. And no matter how far you run or hide I will always be waiting.

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Re: dont read or it'll appear in october 15 in your window

Ha ha. Very good joke. I had a superstitious aunt. She’d take drugs & see ghosts. She’d scream dont go out. I’d walk out. Sing. Come in. I’m saved. God is great. If I die I goto Heaven. I don’t live in fear.

This is two true stories. As a boy I’d hunt at night with vets. One night a predator (animal) hunted me. I turned & hunted it. I won.

I looked like a girl. Man tried to grab me. Obvi he failed.

Fear is survival. When I was really young my family tried to scare me. Told me there was a monster outside. It would sneak in & eat me if I got up to eat at night. I grabbed my weapon & ran out where they said it was.

I honestly wish I did have more fear. But I just don’t scare much. I’m not a fool of course. I have a military rifle by my bed. 45 in reach. Showing up by my window would be very bad for anyone. There’s also a Ranger in the house with guns by him. Everyone in this house is trained. We are on a mountain surrounded by armed hunters. Many vets. Many are relatives.

See; if your prepared the night stalker becomes the prey as I the hunter chases them. If your fantasy were real God would destroy it.

There are things to fear that people ignore. Texting while driving; drugs; over eating saturated fat.

The reason people would tell those tales in past was to scare kids. There was no werewolf in the woods. But there were wolves.

Now we have advanced so much we watch scary movies because we aren’t being hunted. People want to feel that adrenaline rush from fear. Me & my kids love good ones. But we laugh at them.

My sister tried to prank me. Dressed a big friend up as killer. Let him in. I was still pre teen. I woke up & knocked him unconscious. They had to rush in as I grabbed weapons. Most would run. I mostly fight. I will win if that’s most practical. Weird how we are hard wired differently. Yes I know your having fun. I love scary movies so you tickled me.

I’m weird. I honestly believe so long as I’m on land I’m the most dangerous thing around no matter where I’m at. Probably from endlessly hunting with war vets. Once you hear about the Bazi’s; Japs; Viet Kong, you don’t need fake stuff. Not to mention cops in family. I grew up hearing endless real life horrors. I used to help car wreck victims. I got some out. Some were beyond saving. I’d pray for them. People need to slow down; leave the phone down or pull over to talk, & slow down. That’s a real thing we need to respect & all take serious.

Put some more up. I love this stuff. I’m honest here because these people often need help & I care. But on some sites I mess with the ufo Bigfoot types. Peace.