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Don’t really know what to call this.

I shall start from the start. I am involved in krp (korean roleplay/kpop idol roleplay) on Instagram as it is quite popular, in krp we have roleplay relationships basically like dating but it’s only for the roleplay. No I do not do NSFW roleplay as I am too young, so don’t worry. So I’ve been with this person for almost 2 months now, in a roleplay relationship. They’re affectionate, kind, caring, everything you’d want in a partner really. I know this is stupid but I have caught feelings for them in real life, like I really want them to be my partner outside of roleplay. Ofcourse we don’t live in the same countries so it’d be difficult for us to date for real, plus I don’t really trust online relationships in fear of getting cheated on with someone they know personally since it is quite better than an online relationship. Another problem is our age gap, I am currently 13 as she is 16 (turning 17 in November). Ofcourse some may see it as okay but as myself I am not quite sure if it’s okay, after all I am barely a teenager while she is almost an adult. I guess if I had the chance I would take it but there’d strictly be no sexual intercourse or such, as I am still a minor. I don’t have her opinion on this age gap that we have since she has no idea I like her. A thing that hurts is that she doesn’t like me back, my friend told her that I have feelings for her as a joke and she responded with “that’s impossible, we barely know anything about each other”. Yes what she said is true but I’ve made multiple attempts to ask her about her, but whenever I did she’d seem very uncomfortable about it so I decided to stop because I didn’t intend to make her uncomfortable. I know I’m young but I feel like I’ve found the one and that is her, sadly she does not feel the same way. I’ve cried over her multiple times before and recently I’ve cried over her 4 days in a row, I cried today too which is my 4th day. I’ve tried getting rid of those feelings for her, I really did but they’re too strong to go. I just really don’t know what to do anymore but all I know is that it’s breaking me inside to know that she’ll never be mine.