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Dont Stay awake

so how would you describe this, is there a way for a person to feel nothing or opposite and and act other way round.. how long can you be that? well how long can you be what you are now? You know something i must tell you this if you wanna love you have to let go of ego, right and wrong what you must do is surrender towards your partner your relationship should have intense connection and compatibility,

how can one have this compassion and faith and blah blah the only way is by giving time to things. sometime doing do not match the thinking when you are in that situation always give time.. time heals everything. just wait as if you have a lot of time.. you know you are quicksilver..on broad perspective you have power to slow things down for example: you running late for work you have your biggest meeting evaah and your car is bumped by an old man on motor. you will get angry right, here you can slow down and think again from broad perspective that perspective is having two directions :

1- if u get angry he will get angry back at you and you both will not accept each others fault. you will drag this until afternoon thn cops will come thn just because of your anger you will drag this for may be months

2- now if you dint get angry you slowed things down. starting from knowing that fact that you are late but you drive in a decent speed with keeping your calm if again same guy still bump your car... you just said nothing and passby.

in first case you totally skip your meeting in second case you reached late at meeting but that late is also not late anymore once you start attending that meeting.

moral always slow things down when you in doubt of results giving time always helps.. this dosnt mean you die with half done things its just that everything in your life will take place naturally. it will just happen the way it should be,You slow down;!!!!