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Don't use Grindr

Spoke to a really pushy guy on grindr earlier tonight. I was considering meeting up with him at some point, but I made it clear time and again that I didn't want to meet tonight (re: covid). I asked him about what he liked to do in the bedroom, indicated that I might like to meet him at some point, but he would not let up. Kept asking me to come over. I kept saying I didn't want to. So he then starting ranting to me about being a time waster and what not, so I blocked him. But then I thought "maybe I should report this guy", and I unblocked him. Big mistake. I could not find his profile anywhere, so I just sat there for a minute. Suddenly, he messaged me again. Before I could say anything, he started sending threats. So before he could continue, I blocked him again, then deleted my account. Logically, I don't think anything will actually happen, but it's really unnerving to receive threats like that anonymously online.

TL;DR: Grindr has many genuine, non-creepy people, and I spoke with one of the exceptions. If you're gonna try it out, block at the first sign of trouble. Don't hang around.