drained as fuck

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im actually so fucking tired. i have nobody to talk to, nobody to tell. my friends are drifting, so i have nobody to tell this to. im so fat lol and ive been trying to lose it by working out. and ive been doing pretty well. but my parents expect me to be the best at it and they act like its so fucking easy, but im tired. seriously. i dont wana do it anymore, but i want to be pretty. how are people so pretty? im trying my hardest just stop.i cant even wear one outfit without looking fat lol i look so bad in everything. i dont wana do anything anymore. why cant i go back to being a child it was so much easier. i had no responsibilities and i didnt have to constantly care about what the society thinks about me. i cant even go out wearing a fucking short sleeve shirt anymore cus im so insecure. im just tired. drained. to everybody i seem like such a happy person but they rlly dont know how much im struggling. im that happy friend who puts others before me :) gota make sure theyre okay! im not comfortable in my own body. i feel fat. im fat. and i am NOT doing this for attention in any shape or form i seriously feel like this and just needed to say it. im done :)