Drastic change

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To whom may read this, hi, here is about myself.

I am 21 years old and I just miss the old days, back when I was happy and full of joy and energy. I used to be the funniest guy in my group of friends making them laugh by doing stupid things, just by being myself, my strong point was making people laugh and now I am 21 years old, full of rage, hatred and impatience, I feel like ive had a drastic change in my lifestyle because I used to be known as the "funny" guy or the "happy" guy but now I just feel tired of putting my mask on everyday. And im not talking about covid 19. I keep thinking about those good memories and instead of making me happy, it makes me sad, I just wish that I can go back in time so I can enjoy my younger life like I should've, I just wouldve wanted to stay young because I was so Happy and full of joy, but now I barely see my friends, I barely see my family, they text me and call me, sometimes I make up an excuse not to go and sometimes I just dont answer because I just want be alone.....luckily ive met my girlfriend, I love her so much and she is very special to me because when I speak to her their is just a rush of joy that rushes through my veins and I get butterfly in my stomach, now ive been with her for a year and honestly I just love her more everyday, because she sees through my mask and sometimes she just looks at me and just hugs me, I ask her if she's okay and she just says, "yes, im fine, I just wanted to hug you to make you feel better" she knows when im sad or angry, she is always there for me when im venting about work or about people and I guess what im saying is that she makes me feel like im still in my younger days, I feel happy, I feel cared for, she makes me feel safe, and she makes me feel like I can remove my mask, I am writing this article to talk about that in all of our lives, we all have that someone in our life who is there for us, no one is alone, even when we feel like we are at our lowest, we all have that special someone who can bring us back from the darkness, dont give up guys. You may feel like you are alone, but just know that you are not alone. I know its cheesy but its true. We are never alone. I wanted to write this to give you guys some love because everyone deserves some love.