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Drawing, I guess

Hello, I'm new here and I'll try to get straight to the point. I don't like my drawings, I think they're bad and that I just waste my time making them. Why do I even draw? There are so many other people better than me in all ways, might as well give up.. Even if I find something good about it I'll just think to myself: "No, other people do it better, better than you ever could." If want to post it online, I'll start thinking that my drawing is too bad and I shouldn't post it.

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Re: Drawing, I guess

Honestly, I feel the same way. I've been drawing for almost eight years now and I still feel like shit whenever I see someone else's art that are prettier than mine. But as time went by I realized that artists have different types of brushes, drawing pads, pencils, art materials; be it digital or traditional, etc. I also realize that we all have different perception s of art. We all have different paces. "Your only competition is yourself."

I draw too, and I've felt the same way as you so many times. Even now. I have lots of incomplete work too, which I never seem to have any motivation or determination to finish

My sister, who once used to look up to me, seems to be doing so much better than me already.

I've tried creating an account online to try and post my art, but a few days after that I would delete it. All that went through my mind is how much I hated how my art looked in comparison to many other masterpieces out there.

You're not alone. There are probably many more people like you and me who feel like they simply aren't good enough.

Do you remember when you first started out drawing? It didn't always start out the best. We all came a long way... I'm sure you can say you've improved from then, even a little, yes?

I might be a nobody, but hey, at least this nobody cares right? :'D I hope you never give up drawing because I believe art is for one to express their emotions of which words cannot.