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Dream help.

So I’m new to this and idk if people respond but I would really like an answer please help a girly out? So I’m really confused on what to do. Me and my boyfriend are long distance and we love each other so much and I dropped all of my friends for him to show him I’m loyal and we have each other’s Snapchat’s and all that but I just feel terrible because I’ve been having so many dreams about 3 specific guys I used to be best friends with one I’ve liked all 3 of these guys but I don’t think I do anymore because I love my boyfriend but I looked up why you have dreams about someone and it said that you miss them but idk what to do because I can’t text them and tbh I do miss them. I just wanna know if someone can tell me what to do because these dreams are messing with my head and making me think me and my boyfriend are gonna break up. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 years and idk what to do

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Re: Dream help.

Dreams, I believe are combinations of our imaginations and memories. Maybe there was something that triggered you to remember your old friends even if it was just a small thing and it led you to thay specific dream. Further, I think you should not conclude so soon. You may be attracting what you think. For me, I think it's okay to reconnect with these 3 guys you were friends with, you know just ask how they were and say hey I had a dream about you. But huwaah~ it's your choice. Just do what makes you feel better. You can also confide with your boyfriend, I think he'll reassurr you. Anyways, stay safe and hope you have a solution soon.