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DREAMS ...EXPECTATIONS...different words .Both have different meanings but sometimes a person is completely torn between these two things.It always brings us at crossroads . CROSSROADS..where finally the person has to chose one and leave other forever .Sometimes i feel just to run away follow my dreams, follow whatever my heart says .. bt as we all know the voice of heart is very hard to even listen ...because this heart also cares for the ones who are close to it ..even if it doesn't cares about what the whole world says , it cares about what its close ones think ...so at that CROSSROAD it tries hard .. very hard to convince the people about whom it cares about to understand it ...to let it FLY ..let it follow what it wants to do .. just free it from all the expectations ....Having faith on someone is another thing .. but expecting something from someone without even thinking what they wants to do is like cutting down the wings of a bird ... EXPECTATIONS ND FAITH CAN BE BOTH ...WINGS AS WELL AS THE CAGE FOR A BIRD .... so dont lock the birds in cages .. just let them fly high ..too much ecpectations from a person that to about something which even he doesnt want do or sure to do can lead him/her to same end that a caged wingless bird have .