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Good news: I dropped out of college

Bad news: I dropped out of college

I was so tired of having mental breakdowns every single fucking dayyy. I feel so much better now but my parents can't know about my decision, they don't get that mental health is important. I dont even think they know what that means.

I wanna work and study for my admission exams ( context: I dropped out cuz I didn't like the school, I didn't have friends and I had some Personal issues that made everything 10x harder but im planning on applying to another school that is so much better). hope i get the job and I hope that my parents understand my decision and if they don't it will be too late to go back to the hell named college.

non of my friends know either :D im gonna be like "surprisee"

pls if someone is going thru the same reply with some tips on how not get my a$$ beat

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