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They all think they know me, But i always end up surprising them. Sometimes i feel like i don't even know my damn self. I'm sad and depressed like 79% of the time. I find it so fucking hard to socialise and maintain the friendship i have with my friends. A whole lot of people call me their friend but i don't even remember existence. I have have people who are willing to be there for me but i always feel like I'm drowning in the middle of the pacific ocean with no one to help me. I'm screaming and begging for help but I've been forgotten.

Nobody understands me. I just wish i can find someone to lean on, someone to pull me out from the water drowning me. Someone i can be transparent to.

But sometimes wishes never come true. Nobody sees me.

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Re: Drowning

Sadness is overwhelming right. The currents they keep pulling you under when help is near by, so help can't see you, but right now I see you and I understand. I'm going to be blunt, friends don't stay forever they come and go as you need, and sometimes the hardest thing is confusion, the: why did they leave me? believe me it's not your fault they left. What I'm trying to say is one day someone will give you a life jacket and help you onto a boat, but until then keep swimming. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, I really hope everything works out and once again just keep swimming, like Dory.