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Drunk furniture movers

I remember when my mum and I got drunk she more than me and she got changed into her pjs meaning no bra and maybe no panties pjs was a Tight cotton dress. Anyway she needed help move something into one of the spare rooms and wstarted talking and I kept looking down at her breast every once and a while making it noticeable she must have notice but didn’t say anything because after a bit her nipples got hard, they stayed hard the whole time and I could see them clearly. I got an erection from that and drunk me wanted to see what she would do when I had an erection so we moved the furniture. There were two points where I slide past her and made my penis lightly slide across her butt, she didn’t reacted the first time but the second I don’t know if she did on purpose or subconsciously but she lightly pushed her ass back, this made me push forward more on the last check as I got past. When I turned around to her we kept talking about moving something else and when we got to the wardrobe she walked past. I had my hand on the corner of the wardrobe so when she walked past her nipple came into contact with my hand I was watching it the whole time so I don’t know if she did it on purpose and was watching or if she did it by accident but I pushed my finger out more and felt how hard it was. When we finished she said thank you for the help and gave me a hug of course drunk me shifted my lower torso forward for more contact and I involuntarily flex my cock when I felt her nipples on my chest. She said goodnight gave me a kiss on the cheek. When I woke up I remembered everything and was kinda freaking out. My mum came down from her room and chatted to me like nothing happened and said “did we move furniture last night?” I said yeah and then she said she didn’t remember so I don’t know if she really doesn’t remember or if she is just saying that but either way she might of liked it and felt bad or she just didn’t want to bring it up.