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dunno what to call it anymore

5 years ago i started having anxiety attacks and panic attacks and i never really seen a therapist because they’re expensive for me. Now I can’t get out of my home because of my anxiety, I’m always always very stressed. I have insomnia, anemia, extreme obsession for weight loss, my mom is the worst person I ever seen, she is the main reason why my life is so fucked up for me to handle. I am getting severe suicidal thoughts recently but I know i will never commit it. I have no idea what my problem is.

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Re: dunno what to call it anymore

PTSD? Is she abusive? Bipolar? A narcissist? I think there are free and sliding scale therapists out there. Mental health is a real struggle. My PTSD was so severe I was having panic and anxiety attacks daily to the point I couldn’t leave unless I had to. I don’t like the medications, they make me worse. I’ve tried CBD for it, it helps!

you will get through this!