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Dusk Maiden...

Have you ever tried to watch a sunset?

I'm sure you have

I always make sure to allot enough time to see

the moment the blue sky is dyed by the mixture of the golden rays of the setting sun and the inky blackness of the dark

I never want to miss a second

My favorite moment is that distinct point between light and dark

Where its not quite day but not quite night

It's the point where anything could happen

That's been me most days as of late

Not quite here but not quite there

I try to explain myself but no one ever seems to understand

I say everything in my mind but my lips relay so little

Should I bother?

Will it make a difference?

Is anyone going to care? Do I care?

Not that it matters anymore

I admit that I used to care about what people thought of me but not so much these days

I'm a lot different now, distant, isolated, content, free

"Weird" is their favorite label to affix to me these days

But I like it

I would rather be my weird authentic self than a mindless zombie trying to fit in with a crowd

I could give two licks about

To them I'm as confusing and unsure as that moment

that's not quite day but not quite night

But I like that

I only spend my time time and energy on people and things that I value

I don't have time to be negative and to tear others down

Nor do I have the time to allow others to be negative and tear me down

I would rather be kind and aloof

I would rather be expressive than mask my emotions

I would rather be vulnerable and allow myself to grow and evolve than to stick myself in a slot

society has constructed

I'd rather be a Dusk Maiden