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#duty/responsibility #woundedheart #remembrance

My heart still skips a beat when I see you or think about you, it hasn’t been able to feel like that about anyone, its only been you, its always been you,

It seems like you’re the Rachel to my Ross, and here I’m thinking about it, at a stage in life ,where I have to make a decision of choosing my lifepartner

I wish it was you, I always wish him to be you, but I guess it isn’t possible,

I fell in love with you only to realize it when the train had left the station ,when nothing could have been done, I sabotaged it. i killed the spark ,the amazing feeling we had

It completely changed me, getting over you was the hardest thing that I had to do, it changed me completely, From an innocent shy girl, I turned to a more harsh and a strong girl, with a wounded heart

I don’t think it can be mended now, I don’t think I can ever be oaky. Those days /times in cl were the best moments of my life. I am becoming all teary while writing this

But these days somehow, I’m missing you a lot

I hope not to meet you again in my life as I just can’t go through it again.

I can never get over you, but I have a duty / a responsibility to preform ,M I love you and has always loved you and I think somehow I broke you!